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"Descent of the Forsaken" - Acrylic on Canvas

Descent of the Forsaken
44 x 28
Acrylic on Canvas
Completed: July 2014

Selected Close-ups: 

"Paper Doll Destiny" - Acrylic on Canvas

Inspired by a tree on the drive home from work.
And paper dolls.
And life.

Paper Doll Destiny
44 x 28
Acrylic on Canvas

Sketches/Progress Photos:
Digital Sketch 
In progress

"Tree of Life" - Acrylic on Canvas

One day there will be proper lighting to photograph these paintings...until get what you get. :-)

Been working slowly on this on since last summer.
Fresh off the easel

Tree of LIfe
36 x 20
Acrylic on Canvas

"Self-Awareness Of The Senses" - Acrylic on Canvas

It was supposed to be something else, then it took on a life of its own.
The first competed painting of 2014...

Self-Awareness Of The Senses
36 x 30
Acrylic on Canvas
Completed: January 11, 2014

Some people like work in progress pictures, so...

"A Study In Censorship" - Acrylic on Canvas

This came from a place that was only a sudden image.
The title only while we were putting paint to canvas (it may be a temporary title).
We've been experimenting with techniques that are foreign this year, and are pretty happy with some of the things we've learned. it is.

A Study In Censorship
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

'Wolf At The Door' - Acrylic on Canvas

Despite there being three mistresses (paintings) in waiting...another one of three started over two years ago even, they are at the stages that, unless we are in the right "mind set", many dare not put brush to, what to do...

Start and finish a new painting!

One day these paintings will be photographed in good lighting conditions, because in real life they actually look day...

Wolf At The Door
36 x 20
Acrylic on Canvas
Completed: August 8, 2013

'Synthesised' - Acrylic on Canvas

A couple of weeks ago a guy we met on Twitter, and then later at a Tweetup in Canada (this past June) posted a photo on Twitter. We fell in love with the composition, so asked permission to paint it. He said yes. We had a couple of other paintings to complete, but then we could wait no longer.

It turned out to be a great painting experience, despite the physical pain the last two sessions with it.

Special thanks to @synthesised for the awesome photo.

This is the completed painting, aptly named 'Synthesised':

24 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas
Completed: July 12, 2013

We took several progress photos along the way, which was great because we went back to our original plan after starting to attempt detail, the previous partially done versions looking better...

'Slay The Monkey' - Acrylic on Canvas

Not the best representation (too much artificial light from the left), because we're short on patience for posting paintings when they are completed...maybe tomorrow a version will be taken with natural light and then will replace this one.

But for now, this is what you get.

This painting was actually started over two years ago, then sat, barren of fresh acrylic for over a year.
It started as a variation to this, then evolved.
It is the largest painting, to date, we have set brush to.

It was a monkey on our back, a personal beast to be slain...thus...we give you.

Slay The Monkey

Slay The Monkey
44 x 44
Acrylic on Canvas
Completed: July 5, 2013

'Foul Play Ferris' - Acrylic on Canvas

Inspired by a photo we took in Amsterdam in 2009 and the experimental style of our most recent (reproduction) painting.

Completed July 3, 2013:

Foul Play Ferris
24" x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas

A Reproduction of 'Les Pendus'

Just over a month ago we took a trip to Minneapolis. While there we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) where we spent a few hours walking around taking in the art.

Now. We find a lot of art...completely boring. Specifically those from the Orient region, Baroque periods and older. Of course that doesn't mean we don't have some level of appreciation for it, but it's just not our thing.

Edgier, dark, contemporary, new, thought provoking...that of the last 100 years or less...that's the art we find fascinating, for the most part.

Needless to say the MIA is not full of intellectually stimulating neuvo art, but we did stumble across a few great pieces, most notably a painting by Chaim Soutine, painted in '25, entitled Carcass of Beef - dark, real, raw...almost literally. It grabbed us on a second round through one of the coves of the 'Modern and Contemporary' wing.

The other painting, found in the same wing, was a piece entitled Les Pendus by Léon Spilliaert, a Belgian artist, painted in 1912, shown here:

It really spoke to us.

Of course being Twitter addicts we posted the picture and it was greeted with approval, and one suggestion that we steal it for a follower. Of course we wouldn't steal art, but that doesn't mean we won't do "better".

A reproduction, from one disturbed mind to another...

The original painting is in watercolour, and as we lean heavily towards acrylic, we found both adapting the medium and the experimentation with a style not typical to our own, a challenging and fun experiment.

So, our first completed painting of this year (we've got at least three originals to finish before the end of summer), a reproduction of Léon Spilliaert's Les Pendus with a couple of subtle personalized touches al la Frank et al.

In progress photos:

And the final:
(sorry, it's a little blurry...we have limited space for photographing and a smart phone camera only...)
36" x 28"
Acrylic on Canvas